New Puppy, Now WHat
video COntest

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This video contest is for all the New Puppy, Now What students!  Time to show off how all your puppies are doing with this training!

You must be enrolled into the New Puppy, Now What video course to be eligible to win. 

I will be taking video submissions until Sept 8th, 2023 in which I'll post my top 5 videos to a most popular vote. The winner will recieve the toy package shipped to them after the winner is announced.  The top 5 selected will recieve free access to the NEW BH Training & Trial Prep Course!

Please make a highlight reel showing off your Fussing, Sit/Platz/Stand and playing tug! 30-60 seconds long



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A complete Toy Training Package
brought to you by Epoch Canine

2 Two-Handle Tugs (blue)
2 One Handle Tug (orange)
2 Dingo Ball On Rope (medium)
2 Rubber Ball On Rope (small)
1 Dingo Gear BERTA Tug Roll (blue)
1 Finger Clicker
1 Dingo Gear Traditional Braided Leather Leash
1 Long Line
1 Black Prong Collar

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