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Ignite a revolution in your dog's tracking abilities with our comprehensive TRACKING 101 course! Ever find yourself frustrated with training setbacks? Fear not! With 18 years of hands-on experience in training tracking dogs, our expert has conquered challenges, crafting a powerhouse methodology that stands as a proven system for both trainer and dog. Imagine gaining the insights and solutions that were once exclusive—now, they're yours for the taking! Benefit from a rock-solid foundation for success, built on real-world succes. Enroll now to shape your dog into a tracking champ!

129 Minutes



Embark on this enlightening journey, and let's elevate your schutzhund tracking to new heights!

What's included?

Equip yourself with everything you need to kickstart a successful tracking journey with your schutzhund dog!


Lay the groundwork for schutzhund tracking by mastering the essential foundations.

Unique Learning Paths

Navigate your training journey at your own pace, revisiting lessons as often as needed.

37 VideoS

Access over 129 minutes of comprehensive video content covering a spectrum of topics, including equipment, handling, track laying, track running, and effective problem-solving strategies. We've got your back every step of the way!


Engage in enriching discussions through our online forum, where you can ask questions and seek guidance for your specific tracking challenges.


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99v IPO3

Boom! 99v IPO3 track. Merissa and "The Grog" held it together for a beautiful track!
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97V TR1

Congrats to Colleen and Kainos earning their TR1 with a 97v! Hard and correct work pays off!
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Congratulations to Jacquie and Atia starting the day off with a 95 IPO3 track!
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95SG IPO3 AWDF 2019

Indy crushed it with a solid 95 in tough AWDF alfalfa fields. Tieing for High Tracking IPO3 Dogs. 
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97V IPO3

Indy crushed his IPO3 with a 97v-96v-96v- 289V!
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Indy FH track with Very Good with a 94. 
Patrick Jones - Course author


Schutzhund Coach
With an unwavering passion for Schutzhund training, I am dedicated to guiding handlers towards the realization of their objectives through the application of Simplified Modern Schutzhund Training methodologies.

With 18 years of hands-on experience in tracking dog training, I've honed my skills through practical application and overcoming challenges. Having navigated the hurdles of training firsthand, I offer proven strategies tailored to deliver successful results. Let me share my insights to elevate your Schutzhund training experience, fostering a harmonious partnership between you and your canine companion
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