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Be Your Own Schutzhund Helper

Protection Training Without A Helper. There are so many skills you should be aware of as a handler while progressing your dog through Schutzhund Protection Phase. It's not just the helpers job to train your dog, it's you and your dog as a team preparing for the helper and the trial field. With limited access to helpers, there is a lot of foundational work to be done by yourself before your dog is ever exposed to a helper. I go over the skills and exercises your dog needs to learn, as well as supplemental training to continue on your own without the helper.

83 Minutes



What's included?

Videos showing you everything you should work on yourself without a helper. This is all the stuff I have handlers do on their own when I'm not working their dog.  


Learn how to play tug, promote prey drive, and teach proper targeting!

Unique Learning Paths

Focus and practice what your individual dog needs to work on.


Learn how to practice and teach barking and to teach the hold and bark in the blind.


Learn how to teach your dog what to do, before being introducing it in high drive with a helper.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Kevin COombs

My goal is to provide quality and thorough Schutzhund training information. I believe in a simplified modern approach to dog training. I believe and train in the most effective and simple approach possible I can for each dog while earning the maximum amount of points. I believe in finding what works for the individual dog and their handlers abilities. Sometimes what I would do with a dog, isn’t what’s going to work for a particular handler.
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