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Be Your Own Schutzhund Helper

Welcome to "Be Your Own Schutzhund Helper"—a unique approach to Protection Training without solely relying on a helper. As a handler, you play a pivotal role in shaping your dog's success in the Schutzhund Protection Phase. It's not just about the helper; it's about you and your dog working seamlessly as a team, preparing for the challenges of the trial field. With limited access to helpers, there's a crucial foundation to be laid by yourself before your dog encounters a helper.

83 Minutes



What's included?

Unlock the secrets of training without a helper through videos that guide you in independent exercises—everything I have handlers do when I'm not directly working with their dogs.


Master the art of playing tug, kindling prey drive, and instilling proper targeting techniques!

Unique Learning Paths

Tailor your focus to address the specific needs of your individual dog.


Learn how to teach barking and the hold and bark in the blind.


Discover how to instruct your dog in crucial skills before introducing them to high-drive scenarios with a helper.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Kevin COombs

My goal is to provide quality and thorough Schutzhund training information. I believe in a simplified modern approach to dog training. I believe and train in the most effective and simple approach possible I can for each dog while earning the maximum amount of points. I believe in finding what works for the individual dog and their handlers abilities. Sometimes what I would do with a dog, isn’t what’s going to work for a particular handler.
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