Puppy Fussing - Fading Hand Touch

Hey, all you Cool Dogs and Puppies! In this week's video, I will be going over the next progression with Fussing and starting to fade out the constant hand touch.  Garmr is 9.5 weeks old in this video. 
Key Points:
-Mark the CORRECT Feet Rythym you like! 
-6-8 Sessions A Day
-1-3 Mins Long
-Stop Sessions When The Puppy Wants It the Most
PRAISE WHEN THEY ARE DOING THE CORRECT WORK! Not after they complete the exercise.  
For more topics and more in-depth information be sure to check out the full course on my website. Bring your puppy along for this training course that will cover everything you need to know from week 8 through 12 months old. 
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