Schutzhund Training

Simplified Modern Schutzhund Training.
Helping Handlers Achieve Their Goals

Simplified Modern Schutzhund Training

Do you feel confused, frustrated, or just plain stuck wondering how to achieve big goals with your Schutzhund dog? My goal at is to help people like you to access your team’s full potential and make real solid progress towards those goals! My training style emphasizes taking the simplest and most effective path in training that will lead to the most possible points in an actual trial. The methods I have found to be the most reliable are simple to apply with only slight variations for each individual handler and dog, and minimal confusion, building a balanced and happy, PREPARED team come trial day. I believe in methods with consistent, proven results.   


One on One Coaching

Individualized training and coaching in a low stress environment. I’ll talk you through what, why and how to accomplish your training goals. We are in it together.

Problem Solving

I have a solution to your problems! I’ve successfully problem solved for my own dogs, many previously trained adultsm and for a lot of handlers of varying abilities. I’m confident in finding the best training solution for you and your dog.  



  • Lack of Attention
  • Forging
  • Slow sit/down/stand
  • Chewing Dumbells
  • Jumping/A-Frame Issues
  • Send Outs


  • Dirty Guarding
  • Grip Problems
  • OUT Issues
  • Weak Barking
  • Control Problems

Obedience and Protection Workshops

I will work club dogs and help the handlers and club helpers with instruction on training theory and practical application of training principles to apply to their training system.  I will go over theory & application of foundation training, and a complete training system from green dog to IPO3, and helper + dog technique. There will also be a problem solving Q/A and work with handlers and their dogs with what will work best for them. 


Helping handlers of all levels achieve their success!


Practical application of theory and methods for each individual handler and dog.


Finding the right solution for the individual handler and dog.


Barking, Biting and Fighting through Controlled Conflict System.

Happy Clients

Kevin is a very thorough and precise yet simple and common sense trainer. Minimum props; fair, clear and balanced training; knowledgeable, experienced and easy going person. You will definitely learn a lot while having fun with your furry buddy either you compete or just want a reliable companion to enjoy time together. He will adjust your training according to you wants, needs and abilities. Will recommend him to anyone! Thank you, Kevin!

Mariya Tuchkova

Kevin has helped me to progress and become a better handler. Through his coaching I have developed a better relationship with my dogs. I travel 6 hours one way to train with him and it is worth it!

Jacquie Geller

Simplified Modern Schutzhund Training

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren’t completely happy and satisfied with my help,
your first lesson is on me.

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